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Rocksteady Was Reportedly Working On An Original Multiplayer Game Before Warner Bros Assigned It To Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League isn’t out yet, but you’d be forgiven to think it was. Negative previews and gameplay showcases that have yet to ‘wow’ players to any extent have set its fate before it’s even here.

What seems like salt in the wound, according to a report from Bloomberg, Suicide Squad wasn’t even the game Rocksteady Studios wanted to make after the Arkham games.

The studio was originally working on an original multiplayer game, until its parent company Warner Bros assigned the Suicide Squad game to Rocksteady.

Once that happened, the project we now know as the game releasing on February 2, 2024 became priority, and whatever else Rocksteady was working on took a backseat, or just outright cancelled.

Of course it’s always possible that after Rocksteady closes this Suicide Squad chapter, it could return to that project, but that, like how well Suicide Squad actually does in the industry, remains to be seen.

Source – [Bloomberg]