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Rogue Company Update 1.26 PS4 Patch Notes Revealed

First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios have unleashed the Rogue Company update 1.26 PS4 patch notes for your viewing pleasure. See below for everything there is to know about Rogue Company version 1.26.

Rogue Company Update 1.26 Patch Notes

As of 4:00 PM ET (20:00 UTC) we released a client only hotfix for Epic and PS4 (Nintendo and Xbox will follow once approved). Please note the following changes:

  • The VS screen now has an indication the match is loading
  • Players should no longer respawn in Chimera when dying in Strikeout
  • Emote Music will no longer be heard next round if player is dancing during the round transition
  • Players can no longer access the roofs of the large buildings in Skyfell
  • Fixed an issue with players purchasing multiple Founder’s Packs from receiving them
  • Fixed 2 map exploits in Windward
  • Party leader and party members no longer see different queues while queued
  • When leaving a party, the “A player has left your party” notification will no longer appear twice