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Rogue Company Update 1.44 Hits PS4, Brings Arctic Shield And New Rogue Sigrid

Rogue Company update 1.44 has hit PS4 courtesy of developer First Watch Games, bringing a huge batch of content for the game including a new Rogue, Sigrdi, as well as the Arctic Shield. Read more on the latest Rogue Company update below.

There’s a ton of content to digest, so keep that in mind – the patch notes are quite lengthy!

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Arctic Shield

Rogue Company is heading to frozen north this holiday season to prevent the latest in a series of attacks on a cable laying ship! Bundle up and strap in for your drop into our newest map, Glacier which will have the Rogues fighting in both interior and exterior areas for dominance. This update also introduces the newest member of the team, Sigrid. With a ballistic shield and abilities to keep her mobile, she’ll lead the charge and fearlessly assault enemy positions. Learn more about Arctic Shield by reading below!

r/RogueCompany – Server Maintenance for New Update: Arctic Shield!

New Rogue: Sigrid

The newest member of Rogue Company is not only tough but equipped to create new opportunities in the fight. A former special forces operator from Europe, Sigrid keeps her body in absolutely perfect condition and is a fearless rogue who excels at spearheading assaults to punch through enemy defenses. Primary Weapons D40-C SMG S12 Tactical Shotgun Secondary Weapon Warrant


Semtex Grenade

Adrenaline Shot



Shredder Rounds

Nimble Hands


Tracker Rounds


Active Ability:

Ballistic Shield: Blocks all incoming damage from the front.

Passive Ability:

Athletic: Immune to slowing effects and moves faster when crouched

New Map: Glacier

A cutting edge, fully automated cable laying vessel, the Domain, has been hijacked by Jackal in the Arctic and it’s up to Rogue Company to take it back. Glacier features frantic close quarters combat, quick rotations and generous flanking opportunities.

Frigid Haul Event

Happy Holidays from Rogue Company! The holiday season is here and it’s a time of giving! We have a series of gifts lined up for you which can be earned just by playing the game!

Reward 1: Money Bags Spray

Reward 2: Locked in Border

Reward 3: Hot Cocoa Anvil

Reward 4: Data Pirate Avatar

Reward 5: Mistletoe Secondary Wrap

Reward 6: GG Spray

Reward 7: InstiGator Talon

Reward 8: Groovy Banner

Reward 9: Dirty Falcon Emote

Reward 10: Nutcracker Title

Reward 11: Frozen Festivities Primary Wrap

Reward 12: Mistle-Ro Ronin

Spectator (New!)

In order to better facilitate competitive play and our community based tournaments, we are introducing an early iteration of Spectator mode. In Custom games, you’ll have the opportunity to move between various team members and view their gameplay.

At this time players may only occupy two slots as Spectators

When you enter any Custom Lobby, if a slot is available for Spectator, you will see the option to “Become a Spectator.”

If you are currently already a Spectator you will see the option to “Become a Player” to move back to one of the available teams

Players may be moved by the Host from each team to the Spectator group and vice versa

Once in a match you may switch your view between various players via (controller button)/left mouse button to the player of your choice

New Practice Mode (Strikeout)

The Strikeout Practice Mode is now available! Jump in with bots to train, test new strategies, or warm up on any of the currently available Strikeout maps:









The Arena


Dima Based on recent performance data, Dima is underperforming as a Rogue and we are making some adjustments to shift him to a stronger position. We have revamped his passive ability and buffed the damage randius of his MIRV projectiles.

Burnt (Passive): Enemies hit by explosives are revealed for a short duration.

MIRV Launcher inner radius increased from 2.75m to 3.0m.

MIRV Launcher outer radius increased from 4m to 4.5m.

Fixed an issue where sometimes the MIRV Launcher grenade would collide with objects.


Increased ability activation sound volume and range.

Increased ability expiring sound volume and range.


Fixed an issue that was preventing Gl1tch from hacking the APS device successfully


The Nano Smoke ability will now block Fixer’s Thermal Vision.

Fixed an issue with the LR15 that was causing it to fire slower than intended


Reduced the sound range on her ability.


A3 Salvo (Scorch)

Reduced time between bursts but retained the same fire rate

Arbitrator (Scorch & Anvil)

Fixed an issue where Pellet Spread Accuracy was inconsistent at various levels.

MX-R (Dahlia, Trench)

Fixed an issue where the Base and Level 1 Upgrade had the incorrect range.

MLX Maw (Anvil)

Slightly reduced the maximum Bloom.

LMP-X (Gl1tch)

Increased Falloff Damage

LR15 (Phantom)

Fixed an issue where her un-scope speed was inconsistent at different upgrades

SKL6 (Chaac & Glitch)

Fixed an issue where Pellet Spread Accuracy was inconsistent at various levels.

Tyr (Fixer)

Fixed an issue where this rifle didn’t have constant damage falloff.


APS (Trench and Anvil)

Level 1 upgrade now increases the max count from 1 to 2.

Level 2 now increases durability and detection radius.

C4 (Talon, Anvil, and Fixer)

Slightly increased throw distance at all levels.

Tripmine (Saint)

Damage was increased from 100 to 125.



Players with cloaked now show up “cold” when Fixer uses Thermal Vision.

Nimble Hands

Fixed an issue where the Weapon Swap Bonus Speed was slower than intended.


The team has spent time extensively reviewing The Arena map for performance and crashing issues. We believe this map should provide a better experience and it will be available with this update.

Made various bug fixes, collision adjustments, and object fixes to the following maps:

High Castle






Added spawns on the Defender side of the map to the Warship.

Fix an issue where the camera could see through various walls.


Reduced a sightline from A site to half wall.

Moved the cover near half wall to fix the sight line to B site.


Adjusted the location of the Tower site in Strikeout to be larger and have area at ground level


Added cover to the street.

Removed mantle wall between mid and street.

Add additional cover around A Site.

Add cover around B Site.

Raised fountain cover to correct height in the mid area.

Add back the zip line from the attacker beach head to Cafe to balance out the attacker side.


Moved B site away from the zipline to prevent attackers from defending the bomb on near the starting point

Attackers can now plant bomb on both sides of the blue building on B Site.

Reviewed and adjusted Strikeout spawnpoints

Fixed a ledge in Windward players were not meant to climb on to

Players can no longer see name plates through the Church windows.

Bug Fixes (Collision, OOB volumes, Navmesh, Prop adjustments)

High Castle







Fixed an issue where assists were rewarding more cash than desired.


Spawn immunity is no longer cancelled when shooting.

Spawn immunity has been reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

Assists now give $500.


Hacker Bonus cash increased from $250 to $500.

Counter Hacker bonus cash increased $250 to $500.

Down cash increased from $500 to $1000.

Assists now give $500.


Down cash increased from $500 to $1000.

Assists now give $500.

Suicides now deduct $500.

Aim Assist

We’ve reduced the strength of Aim Assist for players using a Controller on PC. All other platforms remain the same.

Rogue Mastery:

Added a new Mastery Reward preview screen

New Titles are available at Rank 10!

Anvil – Indomitable

Chaac – Seeking Redemption

Dahlia – Tactician

Dallas – The Cowboy

Dima – Bombastic

Gl1tch -1337

Lancer – Influencer

Phantom – Headhunter

Ronin – Rookie of the Year

Saint – Good Samaritan

Scorch – The Brooklyn Burna

Sigrid – Fearless

Talon – Underworld Enforcer

The Fixer – 20-20 Vision

Trench – Heart of the Team

Vy – Toxic

Updated Rogue Mastery frame progression (frame updates at Mastery levels 1, 5, and 10)

Added new level 10 mastery reward (Title)

Added new Awards for mastering 5, 10, and 15 Rogues.

Added new statistic, Rogues Mastered.

A Rogue Mastery screen has been added allowing you to see all available rewards.

Improved the outline effect on ally and revealed character models

Improved healthbar feedback when a player takes damage or is in the downed state.

Added a flashing yellow overlay to emphasize when a player is affected by spawn immunity.

Fixed a bug when a player’s gadget slot was affected by the jamming ability.

Rearranged and updated several UI elements on the main lobby screen for added contrast.


Rogue portraits will now display on the Scoreboard

Rearranged and updated several UI elements on the main lobby screen for added contrast.

Updated gamepad prompts for the Xbox controller

Quality of Life:

Improved lighting in the Main Lobby

Players may now adjust the color of their crosshair via the settings

Reduced the size of the HUD objective message text

When Auto Pick-up is enabled, melee weapons will not automatically be picked up.

Ally name colors have been changed from Blue to White

Introduced new Player Identity item type – Titles


A bug with players receiving double elimination cash for assists has been fixed

Inviting a player to a Custom Lobby with no available slot should no longer prevent players from queueing from other matches.

Fixed an issue that caused characters to glow if The Fixer died while using his Thermal ability

The Perky award should now be available when purchasing 3 perks in a single match

Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck joining a match and freeze

Fixed a crash that was caused when happened after joining a party

Players can no longer place the bomb on top of an APS

Fixed an issue where players rejoining a match would not correct back to voice channels correctly

Players should now be able to shoot through barbwire

Fixed an issue with scoreboard spacing that would prevent players from being able to report, ignore, etc… a selected player.

Player is unable to open player options of a teammate whose position is swapped with the player in scoreboard.

Fixed an issue where damage numbers would sometimes not appear

Fixed an issue that would open the Scoreboard when you used Sprays and Emotes

When your Gadget is hacked, this effect should no longer persist into the next Round

Disconnecting before halftime and reconnecting after halftime will no longer reward additional cash

A gap is observed between the disabled elevator frame and the wall next to it. (Arena)

Players are no longer able to climb on a tree in the Arena map