Rumor: Dead Rising 5 info and details leaked


This week’s big video game rumor is all about Dead Rising 5 or whatever the next entry in the series will be called. Over on 4chan (via NeoGAF), a ton of Dead Rising 5 info got leaked and it talks about the setting, characters from past games in the franchise and more. Check out the compiled info below.

  • NOT being developed by Capcom Vancouver. They wanted to move onto other projects, an entirely different studio is working on this one.
  • Began early production back in late 2015, CV was done with Dead Rising after 3 but Capcom had them shit out DR4 using almost entirely old assets for the ten year anniversary
  • Just called ‘Dead Rising’, for now. Not a reboot, but a complete return to form and almost a ‘reset’ of sorts for the franchise.
  • Puts you in a college town with three separate sectors, the college, the town, and a mall
  • Takes place 25 years after the original. You play as a photojournalism student named Jack who is infamous for his conspiracy theories that he writes in the college paper. He sees the outbreak as an opportunity to win big and get "the scoop"
  • VERY similar to the original Dead Rising. Time limit is back, and it is tough. Players will have to give up on certain side quests/pick and choose what to do. 100% in a single playthrough IS possible apparently, but only at higher levels.
  • Psychos are back, very similar to the first game. Focused more on normal people who have gone insane rather than flamboyant/sexualized/cartoony villains
  • No characters from previous games appear, however Frank West is apparently mentioned frequently
  • DR4 is not canon, at least in this game’s timeline. Willamette is referenced heavily as still being gated off after the events of the first game
  • Photography makes a return, as well as the ability to question and interrogate certain characters. This is used in the story but is also used in side missions
  • Survivor escorts are back, but the AI isn’t retarded like the original. Also they only take up about half of the side missions, the other half go into investigatory work and lore

Bear in mind, all of the info above should be taken with a big bag of salt. These are rumors and nothing more for now. Once we hear of any official details — such as whether it’s actually appearing on a PlayStation platform — we’ll let you know. 

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