Rumor: Demon’s Souls 2 for PS4 pre-launch reveal

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 pre-launch event might place host to a reveal for a successor to 2009’s cult hit Demon’s Souls, according to NeoGAF member famousmortimer.

The poster, who correctly leaked DriveClub’s delay last month, said that there is uncertainty regarding the game’s identity, and that Sony may have changed their mind.

“It’s been months and at that point I had no goddamn idea what the “launch event” even was. But at that time I was told “They are thinking about showing the Demon’s Souls spiritual successor” there.

“Now many people here have been calling it Demon’s Souls 2… it might be. I’m just passing on what was said. Also, at that point there were arguments about whether it was going to be shown at gamescom or TGS and then someone decided it would be shown at this.

“Months have passed. They may have chosen a different game. I have no clue. I’m just sharing what I’ve been told, WHICH IS OLD Info, so don’t kill the messenger if i’m wrong.

“There’s things I’m certain about. This isn’t one of them.”

The original Demon’s Souls was released as a PS3-exclusive, and spawned the multi-platform release Dark Souls in 2011. Of course, that too is receiving a sequel next year in the shape of Dark Souls 2.

Sony is preparing multiple reveals for the PS4 pre-launch event however, with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima also promising his own ‘mind-blowing’ announcement at the bash.

Stay tuned to for more details. Read our review of Demon’s Souls here.

via Gamefront