Rumor: Dragon Age III in development, will have multiplayer

BioWare is busy chiselling away on Dragon Age III complete with an all-new multiplayer component, according to the latest rumblings from Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via CVG).

The publication states, “More elf sexy time! Dragon Age 3 is on the way, with an added multiplayer component." That’s about all we have to go on right now, though we should probably remind our readers to take this gossip with a pinch of salt for now.

Nonetheless, Dragon Age II managed to pull in the punters following its launch last month, raking in over one million sales in little under a fortnight. As such, the idea of a third game doesn’t seem entirely inconceivable.

As with Mass Effect, multiplayer has yet to be included in the critically acclaimed fantasy RPG series, so it’ll be interesting to see what BioWare can come up with should a Dragon Age III eventually materialise.

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