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Rumor – EA Motive Reportedly Working On An Established IP That Will Make Fans “Happy”


Jeff Grubb has reported that EA Motive is apparently working on an established IP, which will make fans “happy” when they find out they are working on it.

Speaking in the latest episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, Grubb states that he “cannot say” what the studio is working on, but both he and his co-host Mike Minotti confirm that it is a part of an “established IP”.

Following the release of the podcast, Jeff Grubb also tweeted about Syndicate 3 in response, but we don’t necessarily think that EA is working on a new Syndicate game. The most obvious guess is Dead Space or a new Command & Conquer game. But what do you hope to see?

You can watch the latest episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast below:

EA Motive last release Star Wars Squadrons, which was a smaller game, so maybe we could see the studio stick to these games which bridge the AA and AAA parts of the industry.

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Source – [GameBeat Decides]