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Rumor – Fortnite To Add New Content Based On The Uncharted Series

Nathan Drake could be making a leap to Fortnite for an Uncharted-related event, according to references to the Naughty Dog-developed franchise unearthed in a leaked challenge description.

Spotted by Twitter user Egyptian_Leaker, the description found in the game’s files reads ‘Collect Treasure using an Uncharted Treasure map.” Interestingly, the challenge is supposedly set to launch just one day before the Tom Holland-fronted Uncharted movie later this month — coincidence? Probably not.

What isn’t known yet is if any Uncharted cosmetic items will be making their way to Epic Games’ perennially popular battle royale title, although Holland has appeared in the game in a Spider-Man: No Way Home crossover.

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Fortnite has seen numerous crossovers over the years, including but not limited to films such as Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man, and John Wick to video games such as God of War, Tomb Raider, and Horizon Zero Dawn,

As such, at this point it’s not too hard to imagine Uncharted being added to the list of collaborations.