Rumor: Konami to clarify on fallout with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima

Konami may come clean with details on what happened between the Japanese company and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima if a recent tweet is to be believed.

Antonio Fucito of Italian site attended a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain press event in Los Angeles that Konami told him details on the debacle with Hideo Kojima would be revealed soon. Fucito today tweeted“Riguardo Kojima, Konami ha risposto che farà chiarezza prossimamente. Nel gioco comunque è presente ovunque, dai titoli ai poster!”

The text roughly translates to, “About Kojima, Konami said that will be cleared up soon. In the game, however, [Kojima] is present everywhere, from the credits to the poster!”

Interestingly enough, Tanzen’s tweet has since been deleted. Did Konami ask him to take it down? Only time will tell. Check back to PSU for updates on the developing story on Konami and Kojima.

Source: DualShockers via Ask Your Mum Gaming

UPDATE: According to Tanzen, Konami asked him to delete the original tweet.