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Rumour – New BioShock Game Is In Development Hell, Was Rebooted For 4th Time In Summer 2022

According to an extensive report by noted insider OopsLeaks on Twitter, the new BioShock game is lingering in development hell at Cloud Chamber despite having been rebooted a four times already, the most recent of which came in Summer 2022.

The project has faced numerous issues including the COVID-19 pandemic and Quebec’s Bill 96, and the leaker claims that there has been a very high turnover of star, with the work structure being “highly disorganised.” The report also states that the new BioShock team is comprised of a “significant number of employees without any visible experience.”

After almost a year since this reboot everything seemingly started to getting back on track. Cloud Chamber trademark was reapplicated this March. Yesterday’s T2 investor call indicates that they are still planning to ship it in fiscal 2025. The amount of job listings is at ATL.

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Back in September last year, it was reported by the same Twitter account that the new BioShock game would take place in Antartica, and would feature an open world with multiple endings.

[Source – OopsLeaks on Twitter]