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Rumour – PS5 Pro CPU Is On Zen 2 At 4 Nm, Console Size Believed To Be Smaller Than Standard PS5

YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has revealed a few new tidbits on the PS5 Pro specs in its latest episode, specifically mentioning the CPU, which is reportedly still on Zen 2 but now engraved at 4 Nm.

As previously reported, the PS5 Pro CPU isn’t believed to be a massive increase over the original version of Sony’s flagship console. However, Moore’s Law Is Dead has now added that the PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution) is not a fork of FSR 4, with Sony having developed it but shared some of their work with AMD.

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Elsewhere, the report claims that the PS5 Pro could be a bit smaller than the standard PS5 but not smaller than the ‘slim’ version of the console launched last November. In terms of price, Law’s Moore Is Dead speculates that Sony could position the new machine at $500 without a disc drive.

Recently, Christopher Dring from revealed that he had spoke to a number of game developers at GDC, many of whom were unsure of why the PS5 Pro is even happening at this point.

[Source – Law’s Moore Is Dead]