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Devs Reportedly Question Why PS5 Pro Is Happening As They Feel They Aren’t ‘Making The Most Out Of PS5’‘s Christopher Dring has revealed that he spoke to a number of developers at GDC this year that questioned why the PS5 Pro is even happening, with many saying they haven’t even got the most out of the standard version of the console yet.

Speaking on a recent podcast, Dring reckons that “PS5 fans” will upgrade to Sony’s mid-cycle refresh, but “Developers don’t really seem to feel they need it, at least the ones I spoke to. Many feel they’re not really making the most out of the PS5 in the first place.”

A couple of companies said this isn’t going to grow the market – it’s not going to move the needle. This generation doesn’t even seem to have got started really, let alone feel the need for a mid-generation update. How about we just get some original, next-generation software up and spinning?

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While the PS5 Pro has yet to be officially announced by Sony yet, details on the console have been leaking heavily in the past week or so in regards to its tech specs. One major tidbit is that the PS5 Pro won’t offer much of a leap in terms of CPU performance, which has been speculated is because the system is being designed with PS6 backwards compatibility in mind.

The console is reportedly going to offer PlayStation’s Spectral Super Resolution, which is said to target 4K/120 FPS and 8K 60 FPS, while the PS5 Pro’s GPU is allegedly a RDNA 3 & 4 hybrid design.

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