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Rumour – Rocksteady Leaders Pitching Single-Player Game To Return To Its Roots

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League developer Rocksteady Studios is reporting looking to pitch a single-player project in order to return to its roots, according to an extensive report on the studio by Bloomberg.

Nothing else is known about Rocksteady’s single-player pitch, but it comes following a colossal disappointment on the performance of Suicide Squad, which reportedly cost publisher Warner Bros. Discovery a whopping $200 million in losses.

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However, the Bloomberg report notes that Warner Bros. Isn’t throwing in the towel in regards to video games, with Paul Haddad, head of Warner Bros. Discovery, meeting with Rocksteady in February where he revealed the company is looking to pursue more collaborations between its various game studios, noting it is understaffed compared to competing publishers.

As previously reported, a number of Rocksteady employees are allegedly helping out on a Director’s Cut version of Hogwarts Legacy.

[Source – Bloomberg]