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Rumour – Skull & Bones Release Date, And Pre-Order Bonus Information Has Leaked

Skull & Bones is rumoured to be having a re-reveal from Ubisoft any day now, more specifically next week Monday. Now however, it seems that information regarding the game’s release date, and even pre-order bonuses have leaked out.

The leak comes from Twitter account Aggiormamenti Lumia, a known industry insider, but what’s especially interesting is that Tom Henderson has seemingly corroborated Lumia’s release date claim of November 8, 2022 by replying to Lumia’s tweet with a checkmark.

The pre-order bonuses listed by Lumia are access to two missions, the Bloody Bones Legacy and the Ashen Corsair mission, the Smuggler Pass token, a digital soundtrack and artbook and a premium bonus pack.

Of course, all of this has yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft. We don’t even know if it’ll actually have a re-reveal of Skull & Bones on July 4, as that’s yet to be announced as well.

That announcement though could come at any time, as these leaks seem to keep piling up.

Source – [Twitter]