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Rumour – Sony Could Be Looking To Buy Square Enix

According to Greg Miller in the most recent PS I Love You podcast, he had heard from multiple sources that Sony was looking at buying Square Enix.

Miller does qualify this though, saying that he heard this rumour prior to The Embracer Group’s announcement of its acquisition of Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics.

He explains that he’s unsure if what he heard meant Sony was also potentially up to acquire Square’s three internal western studios, or if they are still looking at buying Square Enix as a whole.

“When I talked about the three rumours I had heard, and one was an acquisition, this was the one I had heard. I had heard that PlayStation was acquiring Square, and I had heard that from multiple different sources. Is it happening or is it not? Was it just scuttlebutt…You’re hearing things third, fourth, fifth hand”

Miller points out that the possibility of it is still real, in the sense that if 2022 has taught us anything, is to expect unexpected acquisitions, particularly big ones.

We know that Sony is nowhere done with acquisitions, and with all the PS5 exclusive titles coming from Square, it could very well be on the table.

Source – [YouTube]