Russian MPs seek FIFA 17 ban over ‘gay propaganda’ LBGT campaign

Last month EA Sports offered a free Rainbow kit to use in FIFA 17 as part of Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign. That didn’t go well in Russia and now Russian MPs are attempting to get action taken against FIFA 17 for violating the country’s “gay propaganda” law.

The MPs stated in a letter that FIFA 17 “invites users to support the English football premier league’s Rainbow Laces action, a massive campaign in support of LGBT.” The letter continued to state that propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations could cause “harm to children’s health and development.”

The Russian MPs suggested that if EA fails to change the game, then FIFA 17 should be banned in Russia entirely.

Valery Rashkin, Communist MP, stated that EA should “introduce changes to the programming code or the age classification of this information product, and if it refuses, adopt corresponding restrictive measures.”

It’s highly doubtful that EA will budge at all considering its open support of the LGBT community.