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Rust Console Edition Release Delayed To 2021

Facepunch Studios has announced that the Rust Console Edition release has been pushed into 2021, having previously been scheduled to arrive this year on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Rust Console Edition Suffers Delay To Next Year

Speaking in a lengthy post on Double Eleven’s website, the studio confirmed that Rust Console Edition needs a bit more time in the oven to get right for release. It also shed right as to why the company has remained so quiet on the game’s progress the past few months.

We love making great games and bringing them to new audiences, but that sometimes means taking a bit longer to get it right than we originally planned and comes at the unfortunate cost of the disappointment and trust of those who were so keen to play it upon launch.

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Why have we been so quiet for so long? The world of games dev is a fickle beast; you never have the full picture up front and the development process often becomes more of a journey of discovery when bringing a PC title to console. As much as engaging with players is extremely important, we believe it also has to be meaningful and as we’ve been working away behind the scenes, we haven’t felt ready to share anything with you yet.

Rust Console Edition is now slated for release some time in 2021.

[Source – Double Eleven website]