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Rust Console Edition Update 1.08 Rolls Out With Collision Bug Fixes & More

Double Eleven has unwrapped the full list of Rust Console Edition update 1.08 patch notes for your to gawk at, which comes with a more bug fixes, although there’s no new content to speak of. Read up on the Rust Console Edition 1.08 patch notes below.

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  • Fixed Garage door collisions. Players should be able to use jump ups again.
  • Crafting UI, Map UI and Inventory UI now contain the same button prompt. “Close” and “Back”.
  • Fixed a missing frame in the aiming animation for the crossbow.
  • Fixed the stuttering animation of jackhammer while holding it.
  • Fixed a bug causing the skin bundle Preview to show incorrect logos, this is now [store] instead of [locker].
  • Fixed a bug stopping players from purchasing the bundle until they have as many Rustcoins as the original price (Non-discounted).
  • Fixed a crash with Skin store scrolling.
  • Added more debugging into the skin store to track issues with Australia.