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Saints Row’s Third Expansion Titled “A Song Of Ice And Dust” Launches Next Week

Volition’s reboot of the Saints Row franchise may not have gotten the kind of ‘welcome back’ the studio was hoping for, but it has been able to find a community of players that do love having a modern Saints Row playable.

Volition has also put in plenty of work to keep updating the game and making changes, as well as releasing new content like its upcoming third expansion, A Song Of Ice And Dust which launches next week on August 8, 2023.

“When a crippling ambush decimates the Dustlanders, it’s up to fierce rivals Bossonius and Gwendolyn Firebird to join forces and defend the DustFaire from a new foe” writes Volition in its announcement of the expansion’s launch date.

Like the previous Heist & The Hazardous expansion, this one will also feature more story content, and add a new district, and other quality of life updates.

What’s interesting to note about this coming expansion however is that we do not know what Volition has planned after it launches.

Due to the game reportedly not being a commercial success, it might be the case that we’re due for an announcement from Volition soon that it will no longer be providing new content to the game.

Source – [Volition]