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The First Saints Row Expansion “The Heist And The Hazardous” Launches May 9

Saints Row’s first of three announced paid expansions titled The Heist And The Hazardous will launch next week on May 9, 2023, with the free Sunshine Springs update coming alongside it.

Players who’ve purchased the expansion pass won’t need to put down any extra cash to get The Heist And The Hazardous expansion, and for those who haven’t, it’ll be available to purchase separately.

“When obnoxious movie star Chris Hardy double-crosses the Boss on a successful assassination hit, the Saints take sweet revenge.

The first Saints Row expansion ‘The Heist And The Hazardous’ will land on May 9 alongside the free Sunshine Springs district and update!”


As we’ve already heard from developer Volition, this coming update will also bring other big changes to Saints Row, like a complete overhaul of the game’s combat system.

Hopefully that overhaul will help to bring old players back, and potentially get new players to give Saints Row a second look.

After reports that the game was a commercial flop, these new updates and DLC’s could be the thing that helps redeem it before the series is once again put to rest.

Source – [Volition]