SCE Online to utilize Gamebryo Engine for PSN

A new wave of PSN titles coming out this year will be using the Gamebryo engine that has been successfully used in titles such as Oblivion and the upcoming Fallout 3.

The implementation of this established technology will allow developers at Sony Online Entertainment to be able to produce a wide variety of games much easier. This will allow them to increase the amount of original titles that may be released on the PlayStation Network in the future.

Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent, the company behind the Gamebryo engine, explains,"Our relationship with SOE aligns Emergent with the exploding casual, online games market and further demonstrates the range of leading entertainment properties and platforms that Gamebryo is capable of supporting. We are thrilled that SOE has chosen us as a technology provider for their studio, Gamebryo gives SOE’s studio the flexibility to design a complete range of titles to address the millions of gamers currently active on the network."

Both parties involved seemed to be pleased with their relationship on future titles as the Senior Vice President of Sony Online Entertainment, Shalom Mann, let it be known, ""Gamebryo gives us a great deal of flexibility in creating downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network, the codebase provides a solid foundation for our Downloadable Games Framework that allows us to bring a variety of different types of games to the PlayStation Network in a fraction of the time had we coded the base engine ourselves."

Beside being used on Oblicion and Fallout 3, the Gamebryo engine is well traveled ranging from games such as Axis & Allies, Civilization II & IV, and Freedom Force just to name a few.

All that is known at the moment of these upcoming titles is that the first wave of games will be gameshow IPs, perhaps the PS3’s first rendition of Buzz: The Mega Quiz Show? Stay tuned for the latest on these new games utilizing the Gamebryo engine.