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Sea Of Thieves Is Reportedly Coming To PlayStation

Sea Of Thieves is Microsoft’s live service co-op pirate adventure developed by Rare, and it’s been an Xbox and PC exclusive since it launched.

However two reports have surfaced, from former Axios gaming reporter Stephen Totilo and Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb that both point to Sea Of Thieves coming to PlayStation.

In Totilo’s newly launched newsletter Game File and Grubb’s podcast Game Mess Morning respectively, Sea Of Thieves is suggested to be the ‘major Xbox title’ that’s been rumoured to be coming to other platforms.

Grubb adds that it’ll arrive on Nintendo Switch as well, which Totilo says he hadn’t heard himself, as his source only indicated a PlayStation launch.

While Sea Of Thieves could very well be the rumoured game, Hi-Fi Rush is the other major Xbox title players believe could go elsewhere, though there’s been no chatter around a PlayStation launch in that case, only a potential Nintendo Switch release.

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