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Hunt: Showdown Native PS5 Release Date Officially Confirmed For August 2024

hunt showdown ps5 release date confirmed

Crytek has officially confirmed that Hunt: Showdown’s native PS5 version will release on August 15, 2024.

A long-awaited update, Hunt: Showdown’s native PS5 version uses CryEngine 5.11 to usher the game into an all-new era of visual fidelity. Unfortunately, the flipside of this update is that as soon as it goes live, PS4 owners will no longer be able to play the PS4 version of Hunt: Showdown.

However, for those that are willing to upgrade their console, Hunt: Showdown on PS5 will be a free upgrade and will pull across all DLCs and purchases from the PS4 version.

Intriguingly, the release of Hunt: Showdown on PS5 also coincides with the release of a new map, numerous UX/UI improvements and new game modes to boot.

You can catch the full lowdown on these changes below: