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Hunt: Showdown Getting Native PS5 Version With Engine Upgrade In April 2024, Free Update For PS4 Version

hunt-showdown ps5 release

One of our favourite online multiplayer games ever, Hunt: Showdown will finally get a native PS5 version in April 2024, as revealed by developer Crytek during its latest development roadmap video as seen below (at 5:22).

Previously only releasing on PS4, Hunt: Showdown gained a 60 FPS patch for PS5 users back in November 2021, as part of its version 1.7 update. When asked about when a full fat, 4K/60 FPS update might arrive for PS5 back in March 2021, Crytek claimed back then that the update would be a ‘while off‘.

Not only will Hunt: Showdown get a native release on PS5 in 2024, but this new version of the game will bring an engine update as well, which in addition to supporting higher fidelity assets and visual effects, will also support HDR and an implementation of AMD’s upscaling FSR 2.1 tech to boot.

While support for the PS4 version of Hunt: Showdown is set to end in April 2024, owners of that version will hopefully be reassured to know that the upgrades to the native PS5 version of Hunt: Showdown will be completely free.

You can catch our original review of Hunt: Showdown here, where I described it as “being a fixture of my gaming diet for months, even years to come.” I wasn’t wrong.

In the meantime you can catch the Hunt: Showdown PS5 announcement below.

Source: Crytek (YouTube)