Seth Killian: PS All-Stars opens door to hardcore fighters

Seth Killian, lead game designer at Sony Santa Monica and all-around beat-‘em-up god, reckons PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will encourage gamers to dip their toes in the hardcore fighting game scene.

The former Capcom community chap told Eurogamer that Battle Royale acts as an ideal stepping stone to the likes of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

He also touched on the possibility of the game turning up at Evo, saying there’s a “ten or fifteen per cent chance” of it making the event. “I’m cynical about the audience, even though those are my people.”

“I hope it is for two reasons. One, because the game is interesting enough and fresh enough to deserve a place there. But that’s also not how games are decided at Evo. The decision is also based on which games players want to play. So, it’s got to find popular support in terms of the players.

“And two, this game is going to attract an audience that would not play a traditional fighter, or who would be either intimidated or just not interested. Maybe they start out as a fanboy of Ratchet & Clank or something and that’s the only reason they pick up All-Stars.”

“But then they discover there’s all this stuff under the hood and they get into this game. That will hopefully lead them to fighters. It could be a great injection of new blood into the fighting game scene, which is critical to its continued success.”

Killian revealed that he has always been interested in making a game like Battle Royale, and sees it as a gateway to other fighting games like Capcom’s own Street Fighter series.

“That’s part of why I wanted to make a game like All-Stars for many years.”

“It opens the door with a simple control scheme. That’s critical to get new people into the door. I would love it if people who played All-Stars played Street Fighter and Marvel. You need a gateway drug.”

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is out now for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Check out our review of the brawler here.