Shadow Warrior 2 PS4 release date revealed

shadow warrior 2 gameplay

The Shadow Warrior 2 PS4 release date has been confirmed. Flying Hog and Devolver Digital’s first-person shooter launches on PS4 on May 19, 2017 and also releases alongside The Shadow Warrior Collection, which includes the original Shadow Warrior game for PS4.

Fast-paced gameplay meets melee combat in Shadow Warrior 2, which features a wide range of weapons, including chainsaws, handguns and assault rifles. They’ll be more than 70 weapons to unlock as you step into the role of a mercenary known as Lo Wang in single-player or four player co-op mode. Check our multiplayer impressions to find out more.

New additions to this second entry in the series including the ability to double-jump and climb. Flying Hog has also created a much more open level design to allow for exploration amongst the frenetic bouts of combat against demonic hordes.