Shadow Warrior PS4 delayed

Namco Bandai has announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Shadow Warrior have been delayed.

Originally due out in September, the next-generation versions of the game will now show up on October 24, the publisher confirmed.

"Bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4 and XB1 has proven to be a challenge for us as we want to make sure the player experience is perfect. In play testing we have been focusing in on the controller inputs and response," a statement from developer Flying Wild Hog reads.

"We recognized that we needed more time to improve this as Shadow Warrior is an old school FPS and this demands perfection. Sadly this means a small delay in the release date, but Lo Wang needs to be at his best on these shiny new consoles.”

Shadow Warrior is a reboot of the classic retro title, and will run at 1080p on Sony’s next-generation system. 

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