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Shenmue 3 Trophies Confirmed

The full list of Shenmue 3 Trophies have been confirmed ahead of the game’s launch tomorrow for PlayStation 4. Check them out below, although keep in mind there’s minor spoilers to be found throughout.

Shenmue 3 Trophies

Shenmue Hero (Platinum)

Acquired all trophies

Wild Wild Plant Hoarder (Bronze)

Collected all herbs in Bailu

Wild Wild Plant Master (Bronze)

Collected all herbs in Niaowu

Expert Herbalist (Silver)

Collected all available herbs

Rumored Rodman (Bronze)

Fished in all spots in Bailu

Rumored Fisherman (Bronze)

Fished in all spots in Niaowu

Adept Angler (Silver)

Fished in all available spots

Angler Extraordinaire (Gold)

Caught 1,000 fish

Fat Cat (Bronze)

Owned over 1,000 yuan

Village Tycoon (Bronze)

Owned over 5,000 yuan

City Magnate (Silver)

Owned over 10,000 yuan

Novice Gambler (Bronze)

Owned over 20,000 tokens

Experienced Gambler (Silver)

Owned over 50,000 tokens

King of Gamblers (Gold)

Owned over 500,000 tokens

Regular Shopper (Bronze)

Bought 10 items at a store

Super Shopper (Silver)

Bought 100 items at a store

Shopkeeper? (Gold)

Bought 1,000 items at a store

Capsule Fan (Bronze)

Collected 5 series of capsule toys

Capsule Star (Silver)

Collected 15 series of capsule toys

Capsule Hero (Gold)

Collected all series of capsule toys

Bailu Village (Bronze)

Completed key tasks in Bailu

Niaowu (Bronze)

Completed key tasks in Niaowu

Good Karma (Bronze)

Completed all subquests

Babysitter (Bronze)

Completed a game of hide-and-seek

Scenic Point (Bronze)

Climbed the bell tower

Gon (Bronze)

Trained under Sun and learned the Body Check

Jie (Bronze)

Trained under Bei and learned the Reverse Body Check

Dan (Bronze)

Saved the fortune teller from a drunk in the Promenade

Yi (Bronze)

Got back the bag that was snatched

Old Castle (Bronze)

Cross to the other shore in Niaowu to reach the old castle

Inseparable (Bronze)

Reunited with Ren Wuying

Verdant Bridge’s Secret (Bronze)

Heard an old story about Verdant Bridge

VIP (Bronze)

Acquired a VIP Card for the Golden Goose

Technique Master (Gold)

Collected all skill books

Battle Master (Silver)

Won against 36 people in the arena

High-Score Master (Silver)

Got the high score in all minigames

Chopping Master (Silver)

Split 1,000 logs of wood