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Sifu Guide: How To Unlock Each Talisman & The Secret Ending

Sifu Guide: How To Unlock Each Talisman & The Secret EndingDeveloper Sloclap’s new kung-fu brawler will take you for a whirl as you go through attempting to unlock everything, including the secret ending.

Besides just collecting everything on the detective board which will take multiple run throughs of each level, you’ll also need to collect each of the five talisman’s if you want that platinum.

This quick guide will show you everything you need to do if you want to get each talisman and unlock Sifu’s secret ending.

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Sifu Guide: How To Unlock Each Talisman & The Secret Ending

How To Unlock Each Talisman

The five talismans, which are Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth can only be unlocked through fighting each of the bosses and first, killing them.

So you need to beat the game twice essentially to get each talisman, as you’ll then trek through each boss to spare them instead of killing them.

You spare them by entering the fight, and clearing through their first phase as you normally would. During the second phase, focus only on breaking their structure, and not killing them.

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This means you are using parry as your main defence, while attacking briefly to further break their structure. Once you break their structure the first time, do not go for the takedown.

They’ll recover, and you’ll need to break their structure again for the option to spare them to trigger. This is how you’ll unlock the first four talismans when you fight the boss at the end of each stage.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending

Unlocking the secret ending and the Earth talisman is only a slightly different subject in that you have one final obstacle that shows up nowhere else in the game.

When retuning to The Sanctuary, fight Yang again and clear his first phase. Then break his structure twice in order to trigger the spare option.

Once you do so, you’ll activate a third phase of the boss fight. No other fight has a third phase, but thankfully you won’t be expected to have a full health bar for it.

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There’s no dying or ageing in this phase, you and Yang have only structure meters. Break his structure a third time, and this time go for the takedown.

Yang will be spared in the cutscene that follows, and you’ll have obtained the secret ending and the fifth and final talisman.