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Sifu Patch 1.16 Now Live On PS5, PS4

UPDATE: This piece has been updated to include the full patch notes.

Sifu’s latest patch numbered 1.16 is now live on PS5 and PS4 consoles, developer Sloclap has announced.

This patch deals with some bugs that were effecting issues like skills being reset, currency not being rewarded for completed goals, and one particular issue that was crashing the newly added replay editor.

Sifu players also experienced crashing from issues with the training room and the wuguan, which have also been fixed in this patch.

When it comes to skills being reset however, there is a workaround that affected players can take advantage of, as to regain their progress.

“Regarding the lost skills bug, there is a workaround to get your skills back for players who have played on TU2 (Title Update) before updating to TU3, but you’ll have to create a new save.

We’ll have more details in the patch notes.”

You can check out the full patch notes for yourself, here.

Sifu Update 1.16 Winter Update Hotfix Full Patch Notes

– [GOALS] Fixed an issue where some completed goals would not award currency. Players who had completed faulty goals should now receive the appropriate amount of currency retroactively.

– [SKILLS] Fixed an issue where permanently unlocked skills would sometimes be lost after downloading and playing Title Update 3.*

– [REPLAY EDITOR] Fixed an issue where leaving the Training Room after recording a Replay in the Wuguan would crash the game.

* This fix prevents players not already affected by this issue from losing their skills. For those already suffering from the issue, the fix will not return skills that have been lost. There is however a workaround to get your skills back, with a few important caveats:

1) This workaround only works for users who have downloaded and played Title Update 2 before updating to Title Update 3.

2)You will be required to start a new save, resetting your story progress but getting your previously unlocked skills back.

If you don’t mind the above, here are a few steps you can follow to get your skills back:

– In the Main Menu, select New Game

Create a New Game (new save) in any slot (overwriting an existing save also works)

– In the New Game Settings screen, set Import Skill Progression to “Yes”

– Your new save should have inherited all of your previously most advanced skill unlocks.

Source – [Sloclap]