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Sifu’s New Update 1.009 Is Now Live For PS5 And PS4, Adds Difficulty Settings, UI Improvements, & More

Developer Sloclap has released the latest update for Sifu, numbered at 1.009 for PS5 and PS4. This is the big update that brings two new difficulty settings to the game, one easier and one more difficult.

It also brings new in-game outfits, a dark mode, UI improvements, and an advanced training mode, that lets you fight against any enemy or boss you’ve defeated. You can also fight multiple enemies at once.

The addition of the difficulty modes has been marked with some controversy by some of Sifu’s player base. But anything that makes the game accessible to more players should be welcomed, not resisted.

You can check out the full patch notes, here.

Sifu Update 1.009 Patch Notes

Design – Outfits:

  • Added an interactive wardrobe in the Wuguan for Outfit selection
  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions

Design – Training room:

  • Added most of the in-game enemies types : When you fight and defeat any enemy, you unlock them in the training room, allowing you to train and fight against advanced archetypes and the bosses.
  • Added the possibility to fight multiple enemies at once.
  • Added the possibility to redo the tutorial.

Design – Difficulty Settings:

Student Difficulty (Easy Mode) :

  • More life and structure for the Main Character
  • Enemies are less aggressive
  • Enemies are less reactive in defense
  • Simplified patterns for various archetypes and bosses
  • The Death Counter cannot beyond 1
  • Better shrine rewards

Disciple Difficulty (Normal Mode) :

  • The original Sifu experience

Master Difficulty (Hard Mode) :

  • Less life and structure for the Main Character
  • More life and structure for various enemies
  • Enemies are more aggressive
  • Enemies are more reactive in defense
  • New patterns for bosses

Design – Hotfixes:

  • Fixed the Juggernaut ability to retaliate while defending
  • Quicker post parry follow-up with various weapons
  • The camera is further away when surrounded by enemies during takedowns and focus


  • Fixed issues with 21/9 display screens


  • Fixed video looping issue on PS5
  • Various rendering fixes for low quality mode
  • Fixed some streaming issues
  • Fixed some minor texturing issues for Yang’s 3D models


  • Add a “Dark Mode” display option to switch between light and dark backgrounds in the -menus, light backgrounds are now slightly less bright
  • Popups now warn you more clearly about important choices
  • More discreet XP box in HUD
  • Clearer feedback when a focus bar is full
  • Various keyboard inputs display fixes

Sound design:

  • Audio output format selection
  • Fix some unwanted behaviour on surround audio systems

Source – [Sloclap]