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Sifu’s Summer Update Brings More In-Depth Difficulty Modifiers And A New Scoring System

Sifu’s next big update has been revealed to be coming right at the end of the month on August 31, 2022, bringing more in-depth difficulty modifiers, a new scoring system, and a few new outfits to boot.

These new difficulty modifiers go both ways, with modifiers that let you bulldoze through every enemy that dares stand in your way with unbreakable weapons, and infinite health and structure.

On the other hand, you can make yourself one-hit away from death, make enemies stronger, and even make them more adaptive against your attacks, by bypassing your guard and preventing you from picking up potential weapons.

The new update also brings a new scoring system, which goes deeper by taking everything the player does into account, scoring more for those players who can execute their fighting skills smoothly, efficiently, while still mixing things up.

Regarding the new outfits, players who’ve purchased the game’s deluxe edition will have access to the Enforcer armour, which puts you in full tactical gear.

The Master Hand, a second outfit will be available to all players, and it includes another way for you to show off, by never taking a hit and having your hat knocked off.

A new trailer was revealed with the announcement of the new update, which you can check out for yourself here.

Source – [Sloclap Press Release]