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Silent Hill 2 Remake Best Buy Listing ‘Had The Incorrect Info’ On Pyramid Head Origin Story, Says Konami

Konami has issued a statement to IGN regarding the Silent Hill 2 Remake preorder listing on Best Buy, saying the retailer had ‘incorrect info’ regarding its revelation of a Pyramid Head origin story, which claimed players would actually control the character.

A spokesperson for the company revealed that Best Buy “had the incorrect information” regarding Pyramid Head, and that the page has been updated as a result. However, while the original info may have been incorrect, Konami did not outright deny the existence of a playable origin story for the iconic creature.

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Pyramid Head is a major character in Silent Hill 2 although we won’t obviously spoil anything for those who haven’t played the classic 2001 horror title. The creature has appeared in a few games too, notably Silent Hill Homecoming, where he took on a similar aesthetic to the 2006 Silent Hill movie by Christophe Gans.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is currently in development for PC and PS5, although a release date continues to remain elusive. Bloober Team is handling production of the remake, and reports have claimed that the title is ‘100% bigger than the original‘ version.

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