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Silent Hill 2 Remake Expands On Original By Showing Players ‘New Elements That Were Previously Inaccessible’

Bloober Team has revealed how it is expanding Silent Hill 2 Remake for players both old and new, chiefly thanks to the inclusion of the over-the-shoulder camera that replaces the original dynamic viewpoint of the original, which mixed fixed perspective with a traditional third-person camera.

In case you didn’t play the original 2001 version of Konami’s psychological horror classic, the game featured real-time environments (so no pre-rendered backdrops like Resident Evil), but would shift dynamically at different points. For example, you could be running down the street with the camera behind James at one point, and then it would shift to a fixed perspective at a certain areas in the game.

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With Silent Hill 2 Remake, Bloober Team is using a Resident Evil 4-style viewpoint, which allows them to open up new elements that were not previously accessible to players.

Barbara Kciuk, the game’s narrative designer, had the following to say during the recent Silent Hill Transmission:

When making a game with static cameras, you as a designer have much more control over what players see, where they go, and so on. The change to the third-person perspective was a challenge. That being said, it’s a chance for us to expand this world, to show players new elements that were previously inaccessible, and just make this world richer.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is scheduled for release on October 8, 2024 for PS5 and PC.

[Source – Games Radar]