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Silent Hill 2 Remake Is A ‘Poisoned Chalice’ Says Silent Hill Shattered Memories Writer

Sam Barlow, the writer who worked on Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Silent Hill Origins, has described the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake as a “poison chalice,” explaining he’s not all that excited about “playing a remaster.”

Speaking with PCGamesN, Barlow revealed he’s more interested in the other Silent Hill projects that have been green lit by Konami.

Personally, I’m less excited about playing a remaster. It’s also like the biggest poisoned chalice in videogames, doing a remaster of Silent Hill 2. I mean, good luck to them because I don’t know how you can do that without upsetting people.

The version of Silent Hill that I would love – which it sounds like they’re pushing – is that ‘we use this as a platform to have a range of interesting psychological horror games’. And actually, can we see a breadth of gameplay? You know, Twilight Zone, and those kinds of anthologies give you a sense of what you’re getting yourself in for but you’re also excited to see the different ways in which they can be explored.

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Silent Hill Shattered Memories was released for the Wii and PS2 back in 2009, and is a reimagining of the original 1999 Silent Hill. There’s no combat in the game, with enemy encounters limited to running and hiding as the core gameplay involves exploration and investigation.

Silent Hill Origins is a prequel game originally released for the PSP and later ported to PS2, and takes place prior to the events of the original game.

Developer Bloober Team is working on the Silent Hill 2 Remake for PS5 and PC, with the game scheduled to release at some point this year.

[Source – PCGamesN]