Silent Hill: Homecoming banned down under

Bad news for aussie Survival Horror enthusiasts this morning, with reports coming in that Konami’s Silent Hill: Homecoming is the latest title in the country to fall under the axe of Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification board.

According to Gamespot via Atari, Konami’s local distributor for the region, the OFLC didn’t take kindly to the abundance of dismembered limbs, blood, decapitations and other such content seen in the upcoming Survival Horror outing, subsequently refusing the game a rating in the territory.

The publisher went on to confirm that further plans to have the game released in Australia have been put "on the backburner until early next year,” pending further discussion with Konami.

For those unaware, Australia’s videogames rating system differs largely from other regions, with the highest rating available being MA15+, as opposed to DVD and Video content, which can go as high as R18+. As a result, any game deemed unsuitable for audiences of that calibre are effectively banned from going on sale.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is due for release in North America in November 2008.