Silent Hill Origins demo leaked online

A playable demo of Konami’s forthcoming PlayStation Portable exclusive Silent Hill Origins has leaked across the Internet this week, with a number of BitTorrent sites reportedly allowing users to download the title.

British developer Climax asserts, however, that the leak did not originate from the Devon-based studio. "All I can say is that code did not leak from Climax – 100 per cent guaranteed," Climax CEO and founder Karl Jeffery told this week. “The code that is out there is fingerprinted and was supplied solely to Konami for marketing purposes”, he added.

Research from indicates that the demo was uploaded on August 19th, and further logged one anonymous source showing over 1200 downloads currently in process.

"At Climax we have strong and proven security procedures that protect all of our code, assets and builds," explained Jeffery. "We have developed over 100 titles in 20 years in business and have never had a leak or theft from inside the company."

Silent Hill Origins is a prequel to the original 1999 release, with players assuming control of a truck drive named Travis O’Grady, an individual that can only be described by the developers as having a “trouble past”. Upon arriving in Silent Hill itself, O’Grady is stopped in his tracks as he encounters what appears to be the ghostly apparition of a young girl named Alessa Gillespie; O’Grady investigates further, stumbling into the local hospital where he encounters all manner of grotesque creatures and inexplicable evil.

Silent Hill Origins is currently slated for a release in North America this November, and will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention later this week. Stay tuned for more coverage in the near future.