Silent Hill: Otherworld coming to PS4 in 2015 — rumor

Gamereactor (via Google translation) has acquired a leaked image showcasing the logo for Silent Hill: Otherworld, allegedly the next chapter in Konami’s long-running psychological-horror franchise.

According to the image, Otherworld – named after the hellish, alternate reality seen in the Silent Hill games – will be released for current and next-generation platforms in 2015 — September 26, to be more precise.

It’s worth taking this with a healthy pinch of salt for the time being, as we don’t even know where the image originated, let alone whether or not Konami is actually making a new Silent Hill game

The most recent chapter in the series, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, was released on the PlayStation Vita in fall 2012. The last console entry was Silent Hill: Downpour for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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