Siren: Blood Curse episode size detailed

As always, the ThreeSpeech blog is helping gamers out by revealing early information about upcoming titles. The title in question this time around is Siren: Blood Curse. Most of you may be aware that Siren has been split up into 12 different episodes. Users will have to download each piece in order to complete the entire story. However, what was never known was the size of each episode and how much space you’d have to set aside on your HDD in order to prepare for it.

With their hands-on preview of the first three episodes, ThreeSpeech has let out that those first three episodes average at around 600MB per download. This does not necessarily mean that each of the 12 will carry the same size, however if they happen to do so, gamers are looking at a total of 7.2GB if you’d prefer to keep them all on the HDD over time.

Siren: Blood Curse is expected to hit retail shelves this summer in both Europe and North America, however gamers will have the chance to import the game on a Blu-ray disc in late July if they choose. The imported version will contain an English audio track and all 12 episodes, thus preventing the waiting game.