Six Cool Gaming Innovations that Could Materialize in 2020

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All signs show 2020 will be an incredible year for gaming. Developers have been taunting their upcoming projects left right and centre. Some Experts even believe this will be a pivotal year in shaping up the gaming world in the next decade. But amidst everything expected to happen in 2020, here are six cool innovations we all wish could happen before December.

A Cross-Platform PSVR 2

There are few signs PSVR 2 will work beyond PlayStation 5. But wouldn’t it be impeccable if it became compatible with PCs? Not only would gamers be able to play VR games on PS5 but they could also have a similar experience on their computers.

Of course, Sony will want one of its most valuable products of 2020 to be exclusive to PS5 for business reasons. Millions of people will ditch PS4 in exchange for the new console. And with the addition of a couple of a hundred dollars, they’ll be able to play VR games.

Fortunately, the PSVR promises plenty of value based on the features Sony claims it will have. For starters, reports say the device will be light, wireless and capable of supporting 4K. Some say it will also allow your gaming buddies to replace NPCs. And while these are cool features, compatibility with other platforms would have made it even better.

A Top 100 Game Chart

Is a gaming chart too much to ask? Music fans have plenty. Netflix and android also have charts, and so does Hollywood. A virtual billboard operated by a designated company in which gamers vote their favourite game would be incredible.

It would make choosing games hassle-free and efficient. You wouldn’t have to ask for opinions from everyone you know to buy a good game. And if it’s an organized platform, you could easily sort out the top charts for FPS, MMO, or games by platform.

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Play and Watch Recorded Broadcast on the Same Screen

The average player streams while also chatting or listening to music. Others watch streamers on Twitch while also playing the same games. In this age of split-screen technology, playing while also watching streams on the same screen would be a dream come true.

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A Gamers’ Shopping Paradise

You know how you buy something on Amazon and get a list of related products that could interest you? That’s something that will likely happen to gamers this year. Every time you choose to purchase a game, you’ll also get a list of relatable merchandise you could buy.

If you select Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll get an extensive list of eBooks, T-shirts, hoodies, cups and box sets related to the game. All these things could become a reality at some of the leading consoles, especially PS5.

Of course, there are a few websites where you can buy gaming merchandises seamlessly. But the shopping experiences for gamers will continue to increase as technology improves. And considering the competition in the industry, it won’t be surprising if PS5 and Microsoft make these moves.

An App to Consolidate Gaming Platforms

TV streamers throughout North America have been asking streaming services to work things out and combine their services. And sure enough, a few apps like Reel good are offering a solution. It’s pricey, but it’s solving a real problem.

The gaming world can develop a similar solution for the increasing number of gaming platforms out there. From PS4 to EA, Nvidia to Google and Microsoft; more than a dozen brands have plans to launch gaming projects in 2020.

It will cost money to subscribe to each of these services. So, why can’t a company develop an app to consolidate these platforms before they become too many? Of course, there are hoops that must be jumped. But if TV streaming networks are finding a solution, it should happen to gaming as well.

An Interactive Gaming Calendar

It sounds unnecessary. But most gamers would benefit from a real-time calendar through which they can mark important dates and get reminders frequently. Okay, you can do a lot of these things on your PC’s schedule.

But wouldn’t it be better if you had a calendar especially suited for your gaming activities? To spice it up, imagine if it also allowed developers to list launch dates. And if you clicked on these products, you could be redirected to a shopping site to buy essential merchandises.

If you are like many people, you probably miss out on eSports and other gaming events because you can’t keep up with what’s happening. An interactive calendar which synchronized important events and linked you to gaming platforms could be awesome.

The takeaway

As technology improves, developers will focus on enhancing players’ experiences. That will include everything from shopping and streaming to choosing games and playing them. Sony could redesign PSVR 2 to also work on PCs and other platforms.

It could also add intuitive shopping features to help you buy a wide range of gaming products at a go. In addition, we could see an interactive gaming calendar, and app to consolidate gaming platforms and a gaming chart to enhance shopping.