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Six Days In Fallujah PS5 Release Date

Six Days In Fallujah PS5 Release Date Developed by Highwire Games, Six Days in Fallujah was originally announced in 2009 and in production at Atomic Games. Billed as a tactical first-person shooter, Six Days in Fallujah follows the events of the Iraq War, specifically the Second Battle of Fallujah, as the United States Marine Corps 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines battle against the Iraqi insurgencies. The game was released in Early Access for PC users in June 2023, and is planned to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

However, details on the console version of Six Days in Fallujah have been pretty thin on the ground, and there’s still no fixed release date. So, what’s happening?

Six Days In Fallujah PS5 Release Date

The Six Days in Fallujah PS5 release date has yet to be announced by publisher Victura. However, speaking on the game’s forums, its community managed stressed last September that there are no plans to abandon the console versions of Six Days in Fallujah.

We have no plans to abandon the console versions of Six Days. We very much understand the communities on these platforms alongside the huge gap in the market for tactical shooters here. Console development is progressing, but it’d be some time before we could release a dedicated diary on this. We’re very focused on delivering not just content but content that meets our quality standards, and we have to factor in community feedback on the content we release.

With all that being said, we want everyone to know that Six Days is still coming to consoles.

At the beginning of March 2024, the community manager revealed that the plan is to release the full PC version of the game alongside the console release.

Consoles were always planned to release simultaneously with our full release on PC out of Early Access, and this hasn’t changed. What has changed is the timing of this release, but so has the timing of the rest of our development milestones. The decision to push new content (and consoles) in favor of quality of life was not an easy one, but we stand by this decision.

So, from the look of things the Six Days in Fallujah release date is yet to be determined, but when it does come out, it’ll launch simultaneously with the full PC version.