Sixaxis in Unreal Tournament 3

One of the more underrated features of the PlayStation 3 has to be the Sixaxis functionality. Once developers realize the great potential in sixaxis, the PS3 console as a whole would be more welcoming for unique and innovative titles made specifically for the PS3.

Until then, PS3 owners are just going to have to settle with mediocre sixaxis functions. Then there is the issue with the keyboard. Through Blu-Tooth or USB, the PS3 will be able to connect with a keyboard, but just how seriously are developers taking it?

One item that points this out is Unreal Tournament III, for the PlayStation 3. Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic explains:

“Well, the PlayStation 3 has a lot of unique features and we try to take control of them – like with SixAxis. SixAxis can be used to steer the hoverboard or The Redeemer, but that’s it. We wanted to be very careful not to hammer this functionality in just because we could. As for PlayStation Network, we just don’t have a plan to use that right now to my knowledge but I suppose it’s possible.”

Rein also went on to mention the keyboard capability with the PS3, adding, “Well, the PlayStation 3 is a funny thing sometimes. I mean, we’ve put in this keyboard and mouse support but I don’t honestly think it’ll get used all that much. Who uses a keyboard and mouse to play on a console? You’d just use the PC version, right? It’s cool because its there if you want it, but I don’t think many people do.”

Very interesting indeed; at least Epic took the initiative to allow the PS3 to use a keyboard, something that many people ignore. While the PS3 is a console and not a PC, that does not conclude that PS3 owners would not want to use a keyboard with particular games.

As for Sixaxis, it is interesting to see that they are trying to implement motion-sensing functionality in some shape or form. While steering vehicles with Sixaxis is fun enough, it would be very appreciated if sometimes there could be more in-game usage of the function just to separate itself from other versions, like the PC or even Xbox 360.

Source: Kotaku