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Skybound Is Crowdfunding Support To Develop A “AAA” Invincible Game

Popular animated show Invincible, which has also recently been renewed for two more seasons, might be getting a new AAA video game, if Skybound can get the support it needs for it.

To that end, Skybound has turned to crowdfunding to support the project, where all the information we get about the game is that it’ll be made by a team of developers who hail from places like EA, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, and AMZ Games.

The crowdfunding page on Republic does point out the obvious, that Invincible is exactly the kind of show that you’d want to turn into a video game. With its cast of super hero power-levelled characters, and the fact that it isn’t afraid to show the gore-filled reality that a fight with powerful super-beings brings, it’s very much a perfect foundational sandbox for game developers to play in.

Skybound’s campaign is hoping to reach its maximum goal of $5 million, though it’s already far surpassed its minimum goal of $50,000, as at time of writing it is sitting at $446,550 raised.

Hopefully, if the campaign gets even closer to the goal, we’ll begin to learn more about what kind of “AAA” game Skybound Games wants to make.

Source – [GameDeveloper]