Skyforge PS4 release coming in March, free-to-play MMO gets trailer

The free-to-play, massively-multiplayer-online game (MMO) Skyforge will be releasing next month, according to a post by Producer Volker Boenigk.

Players in Skyforge have the gift of immortality that is used to protect your home planet of Aelion. The planet is full of ancient technology and magic that players can use to fight off the invaders. With 14 different classes to choose from and the fact that you can switch classes at will, players will always have the upper hand on the competition.

Watch the Skyforge trailer.

If you register for the title now, players will receive the Immortal Pack when the release date comes. The pack contains an exclusive Cyber Costume, Halo, and Glowing Eyes. For PlayStation Plus users, you will receive a few more items including the Wings of Vows, which coincidentally looks very much like the Mercy wings from Overwatch.

skyforge ps4 release date

All you have to do to get the Immortal Pack is go to the official Skyforge PS4 website and register with your PSN account.

Skyforge will be releasing in March of 2017, however no specific date was mentioned.