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Slipgate Ironworks’ Dark Fantasy FPS Graven Is Unleashed On PS5 Today

3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing have announced that Graven, the dark fantasy-themed action FPS developed by Slipgate Ironworks, is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Graven sees players embarking on a mission of bloody revenge as an Exiled Priest of the Orthogonal Order, where you’re guided by the instruction of The Creator to cleanse the Order of corruption. Packing a staff and journal, players will venture out into a dark land and vanquish evil using a variety of magical spells, while hubs are ripe for exploration and puzzle-solving as you seek to exhume the evil that plagues the land.

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Face off against over 20 distinct enemies and challenging bosses during fast-paced combat sequences. Explore levels to uncover well-hidden secrets and engrossing side quests across three hub worlds, and experiment with different spell and ability combinations to create a satisfying and immersive gameplay loop that rewards creative solutions in a mysterious world.

Graven’s character designs were handled by Chuck Jones of Duke Nukem 3D and Half-Life fame, while voice acting features contributions from Stephan Weyte, who worked on the likes of Blood and Fire Emblem Dusk.