So it turns out the Vita WILL support multiple PSN accounts

Remember way back when we told you that the Vita would only support one PlayStation Network account without having to be reformatted? Well it turns out that just three days later, Sony has restored faith to those who cared.

Speaking to Wired, associate brand marketing manager at Sony, Crystal MacKenzie, stated that multiple PSN accounts on a single Vita is in fact possible, just not doable out of the box. Proprietors of Sony’s next black gadget of awe will be glad to know that PSN accounts aren’t tied to the Vita itself, they’re tied to the memory cards within the handheld. This means that you’ll need multiple memory cards in order to log into different accounts on the same Vita. 

However, if you only have one memory card you’ll still have to reformat in order to switch PSN accounts. 

PlayStation Network accounts are tied to the Vita’s proprietary memory units—not the Vita itself. We think Sony could have avoided a heap of backlash if they just made that clear from day one.

The PS Vita will be released on December 17 in Japan and on February 22, 2012 in North America / Europe.