Some must-have PlayStation 5 accessories

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A remarkable console that has received hundreds of glowing reviews, the PlayStation 5 is hard to fault. Widely regarded as the best gaming package around, investing in a PS5 is for serious members of the gaming community who want to experience the very best games. Amazingly, though, this gaming beast can be improved further with some accessories.

After all, gaming accessories have always enhanced the packages of various gaming opportunities. For example, tablet and mobile gamers purchase wireless earbuds ahead of exploring console-quality titles like Fortnite or before learning about Hello Millions and stepping into an epic realm loaded with online games, such as Gold Party and Sugar Rush. Likewise, before diving in for a session of Elden Ring, PC gamers might turn on a new LED light they’ve purchased or see how their new gaming mouse fares. The same applies to PlayStation 5 gamers, with a range of must-have accessories emerging.

These picks will revolutionize your setup

The sheer amount of accessories is a tad overwhelming. For many PlayStation gamers, an online search results in an array of potential products to snap up. Thankfully, we’re only focusing on the best of the best here. One accessory that immediately springs to mind is the Victrix Pro BFG, a truly fantastic controller. If you’re looking for a controller away from Sony’s products, then this modular design with customizable button configurations is worth looking at. Offering comfort and excellent performance, this professional option is stunning.

If you’re happy with your controller, though, and need a handy tool to expand your console’s storage, the Seagate Firecuda 530 is a fantastic option. It is a device that will enable you to get more out of your PS5; it looks good, comes in a variety of configurations, has fast speeds, and contains its own heatsink that makes it compatible with PlayStation.

Another much-loved product, particularly since the emergence of virtual reality gaming, is the PSVR 2. Virtual reality gaming is truly immersive, and this superb headset allows you to enjoy it in the best way possible. Coming with excellent controllers, accurate spatial tracking, and even a wonderful cinematic mode, the build quality the PSVR 2 offers makes it one of the best VR headsets ever.

A selection of other great accessories

While the aforementioned products are being snapped up, there are still some other great accessories that deserve some serious consideration. One of them is the DualSense Charging Station, a brilliant gadget for PlayStation gamers with multiple controllers at their disposal. Reliable, durable, and capable of ensuring your controllers are always ready to go, this handy device charges two controllers at the same time and looks the part alongside your PlayStation 5 console.

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If you’re not keen on a charging station, then investing in a leading headset can really improve your gaming marathons. For many, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is the PlayStation 5’s best gaming headset, largely due to its strong audio package and a variety of unique features that make it stand out from the crowd, such as the hot-swappable battery pack, which can be accessed through its hub.

For gamers aiming to track down a top camera for any streaming ideas, though, then the PS5 HD Camera is worth looking at. For any aspiring live streamers, this attractive-looking camera will allow you to capture your gaming progress with ease. It has been made specifically for Sony’s latest console creation; it offers high image quality and provides everything a budding streamer requires. While there are certainly more advanced cameras to consider, the PS5 HD Camera is a great place to start.