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Some PS Vita Games Have Been Cancelled As Not All Devs Were Told About Store Closure In Time

A number of PlayStation Vita game developers were not informed of Sony‘s plans to close the PS Vita store this summer, and as a result have been forced to cancel projects currently in production. The PS Vita store is shutting its doors last in August following the PS3 and PSP store closure.

Twin Breaker developer Lillymo Games is one of the studios that were “finding out at the same time as we are” regarding the store closure, and as such, their next project has been cancelled on Sony’s handheld as “the store will be closed before our next game is ready.”

While some games have been cancelled outright, other developers are having to seriously crunch to get their projects finished in time, according to Patrick Klepek of Waypoint. Sony’s message to regarding the closure revealed that developers could still launch games and other content on PS3, PS Vita and PSP before the stores were shut down.

There is, however, a loophole in the sense that game codes can still be redeemed after the storefront has shut up shop, although developers are not permitted to sell any of them. PS3 discs are also still going to be manufactured, so this opens up the possibility of games being sold at a later date — PS Vita doesn’t have that physical option, as its cartridges were give the chop in 2018.

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Sony will shutter the PS3 and PSP stores on July 2, followed by PS Vita on August 27.

[Source – PlayStation LifeStyle]