Sonic may be getting a 25th anniversary game this year

 Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates a milestone in 2016 as it will be twenty-five years since the blue blur sped into our lives in his quite wonderful debut. SEGA will surely have something up their sleeves to mark the occasion, and if Crush 40 singer Johnny Gioelli is to be believed, a game is already in the works.

Gioelli’s band have written music for Sonic soundtracks in the latter half of the spiny one’s career, including the cheesy awesomeness of the Sonic Heroes theme, and in a now deleted Facebook post, he appeared to let slip that a new Sonic is in the works to coincide with the anniversary.

The post originally read ”We are planning a few performances to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic” before moving onto the exsistence of said game ”We might participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game…stay tuned”.

SEGA have also released the image below for the anniversary.

Who knows what we can expect from a new Sonic game at this point. Safe money is another remake of the original game, with updated visuals and soundtrack, something akin to parts of Sonic Generation. The worry, as ever, is that whatever it is, it will fail to capture that sparkling magic of those initial entries once again.

What do you think SEGA should do for Sonic’s anniversary? Is it too late to hope for a return to form now? Let us know below.