Sonic Rivals 2: Hands On

On the San Diego Comic-Con floor is a title that glows. As your eyes settle on the screen you are told its name by the spokesperson: Sonic Rivals 2.

The blue hedgehog is tearing his way through onto the PSP, leaving a haze of smoke behind him.

PSU was taken through a jungle level which contained plenty of the well known springs, boxes and robotic enemies. Then, he let us try for a few minutes. As Sonic shot across the level, through the loops and around beveled walkways, you have to avoid the spikes and perils of the game, like many of the other titles in the series. This is slightly annoying, but does make the player pay close attention.

In addition to the level’s design, there were secret tunnels to lead back to the surface. As you swerve into one, and are back on track, the goal is to run as fast as possible, attack other racers when they got close enough, and avoid deadly obstacles.

As far as the character variety goes, the Comic-Con demo showed the well known trio: Sonic, Knuckles and Tails as playable. Why does that matter you ask? The difference between them comes down to their signature move. Each move will be advantageous in some way, if performed at the right time, in the environment.

Sonic Rivals 2 definitely pays attention to flexibility and variety. The game will consist of a single-player mode, free play, multiplayer and game sharing.

Get ready for the holidays; Sonic is coming to your PSP. And it will be a blast!